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Unit 3, Crest Estate, Main Road, Stoke Row, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 5RB


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About our Embroidery

There is Embroidery and there is Quality Embroidery.  We are only interested in achieving the latter !!


The difference that distinguishes Quality Embroidery from the rest is a combination of;


The Digitizing -

Should the creation of the logo into an embroidered format not have the correct density and compensations applied at the outset of the design, then the registration would be affected. i.e. a design intended to be applied to a polo shirt (a knit) will not register correctly nor concisely to a lambswool pullover in the same way.  Short cuts can be taken by digitisers - which we won't allow to happen with product we produce.  Our 25 years of experience demands that all designs are sampled prior to production for client approval, and for our peace of mind the design is regsitering to our very high expectations of ourselves.

If we are not happy with the sample, we will have it edited until we are - then we will introduce the sample to you.


The Material Backing -

Embroidery companies not using the appropriate material backings results in the logo losing its structure once the garment is washed.  We use only the most stable backings to produce the best embroidery and long term structure of the embroidered area.


Machine Tensions -

Only experience can legislate for this often overlooked factor in the production of a logo when machines are not adopting the correct tensions.  The result of wrong tensions is sparsely stitched embroidery, which will asentuate the imperfecetions of a moving process.


Threads -

We only use high quality threads from Madeira - the leading supplier of high quality embroidery threads.

Primarily we use their vast array of colours within their Polyester (Polyneon) range which best serves the workwear requirements of mutliple laundering.  The threads are washable to 80 degrees and are steadfast on workwear as a result.  We only use cotton threads on delicate materials such as Lambswool.


Sampling -

As mentioned above, we sample all our work prior to production, so you have peace of mind of the design's integrity.  Similarly we only sample to the material the order is intended to be applied to.  We often see samples produced onto a "preferred" material, when the embroidery will in fact look completely different onto a "knitted" material - we we won't show you a sample that doesn't refelect the actual job......